Frequently Asking Questions

FAQ about running shoes, all details you need to know to choose, buy and use our running shoes and sneakers.

Washing instructions

How should my running shoes be maintained?

We advise brushing off your shoes to remove any dirt before cleaning them if they become soiled. If you must wash your shoes, it is recommended to do it by hand in warm water. It is advised to wash your shoes as seldom as possible.

How should my performance clothing and accessories be cared for?

The tags on each item give washing guidelines or just simply ask us for you model and we will send washing details.

Order instructions

How will I know you got my order?

As soon as your money is accepted, we will send you an email confirming your order.

Will you keep me updated on the status of my order?

We’ll send you an order confirmation email as soon as your money is accepted. You will receive a delivery confirmation email with tracking information (applicable in most countries) as soon as your item ships (usually the following business day).
Use our Account & Order page to check the status of your purchase.

Payment instructions

What types of payment do you accept?

PayPal accepts credit and debit cards.

We accept payment by invoice or quick bank transfer in certain countries.
We now take Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and Maestro credit cards.

How soon will my order's payment appear in my account?

A pending charge is sent to your credit or debit card account as soon as an order is placed successfully. Payments are complete at the time of purchasing, per order. Orders made through PayPal are completed at the time of placement.

Where should I put my coupon code to get discount?

You will be asked to input the coupon code on the payment page when checking out if you are attempting to use one. Take note of the area where it says “Add a Coupon code.”

Are your pricing included of any TAX?

Our online prices already include commercial TAX +7%, however your country’s customs department will add a TAX amount to perform customs clearance for purchased goods. The amount of customs taxes charged depends on your country’s custom taxation, which can range from 0% to +25% depending on the number of goods and total price of your order.

Will I have to pay customs duties in my home country?

Some countries have customs taxing on any things you purchase from other countries, thus you may be asked by your country’s customs authority or transport company to pay a percentage of customs TAX.

For example, in the United States, you do not have to pay any taxes if your order does not exceed $1,000 USD or an equivalent amount.
Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait may levy an additional 10% Customs Tax, which you can pay to the shipping company.

How can I specify my local currency when placing an order?

Our website will automatically set your nation depending on your location, so you won’t have to bother about changing your currency. The appropriately configured website enables us to deliver your items to you swiftly and with minimal customs hassles. If the default settings are incorrect, you may change your location (and, if necessary, language) at the bottom of any webpage.

How can I get a bill from for my purchase?

Our email Purchase Confirmation serves as an invoice. Please let us know if you require this email to be resent. If you want extra invoices, please contact us. We are delighted to assist.

Return & Refund instructions

I want to return my purchases so how I can get a refund?

Not an issue. Once we receive and inspect the return, if your products are returnable, we will reimburse the full amount paid, including any applicable taxes. Please be aware that in order to obtain your refund, a return request must be made. Products must be returned within our 30-day return period, in brand-new condition, and with all original packing intact. Orders that are exchanged or returned will not have their expedited shipping fees reimbursed.
For qualifying returns, we’ll pay the shipping costs. on items unless they are going to or coming from India, Indonesia, or Malaysia.

When will I get my money back?

After our warehouse staff gets your return and has a chance to inspect and confirm the products, your refund will be processed. While we process your return, we really appreciate your patience.

About Shoes

How can I find the size I need?

Each product page includes a sizing chart and fit advice (true to size, for instance), in case you’re confused of what size you should get in our footwear or clothing. Check out our Size Guide as well!

What makes a shoe of the same size different for men and women?

While women’s models provide a somewhat thinner fit, men’s shoes are made to suit a little broader foot. Although nothing prevents you from buying a pair from the other sex, we advise checking them out first to see how they fit.

Which type do you suggest for feet that are wide?

We now provide broad sizing for men and women in a few designs and colors that are accessible in most nations. Simply use the “Wide Fit” filter or tag located on any product listing page’s left side to narrow your search to find these models.

Why my new shoes' soles are a little slippery?

Your shoes may be slippery if they are brand-new because of their smooth, pristine bottoms. Since softening enables greater ground contact, soles often gain more grip after softening. As a result, wearing your shoes for a time often helps you have better traction. The ON R&D team is always striving to increase the grip of their shoes, but owing to their special sole design and the fact that they are intended for dry road running (and aren’t wet surface-proof), slippage is sadly sometimes unavoidable.